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Chelsea Woudstra, Massage Therapist

Chelsea, Massage therapist

Chelsea, Massage therapist

Chelsea Woudstra is a state licensed Massage Therapist, who is passionate about wellness, helping people remember their best selves, and education.

She has been Nationally Certified and practicing massage since 2006. Studying and graduating from the Aveda Institute St Petersburg, Florida, greatly influenced her respect for the body and it’s natural healing abilities.

Her main modalities of practice are Swedish and Deep Tissue. She also incorporates a plethora of other techniques, including Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Myofacial release, and Reflexology, to name a few.

You may go home with stretches, or acupressure points to utilize at home as well. Self care is a very important part of maintaining good health and balance! Massage is an incredible gateway to experiencing the deep relaxation, which creates the space to leave you feeling vital and balanced once again.

So set up your first, of what we’re certain will be many massages with Chelsea, today!

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