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Grand Rapids Chiropractor and Holistic Physician:
Chiropractic Plus

Dr. Dan Ohlman, Grand Rapids Holistic Physician

Dr. Dan Ohlman, Grand Rapids Holistic Physician

Dr. Dan Ohlman Welcomes You

Chiropractic Plus, lead by Grand Rapids chiropractor, Dr. Dan Ohlman, is not your ordinary chiropractic office. Our holistic model enables us to detect the underlying causes of imbalance which lead to the symptoms you are now experiencing. Throughout the greater Grand Rapids area, individuals just like you have found our non-invasive approach of testing extremely effective in searching out and caring for physical, chemical and emotional/spiritual imbalances.

Mind, Body and Spirit

By acknowledging and honoring the mind, body and spirit connection, we are able to assist those suffering with a variety of symptoms brought on by imbalances in one or more of these foundational areas.

Sound Interesting?

Take control of your personal health and well-being by calling our Grand Rapids chiropractic office today to find out how we can assist you in living a more balanced life. See if you are a candidate for the kind of chiropractic care and massage therapy we offer at Chiropractic Plus.

“A true demeanor of wanting too assist me in my recovery. In this day in age when you go to any health practitioner, usually there is an air of arrogance and they have one hand on the door nob and their feet in the direction for a quick exit, as too move to their next client(patient)…I am late in coming to see Dr. Dan, but better late than never!…I feel confident that Dr. Dan has my back.” – J.L.

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